... as Wendy's would say. Lots of parts put together from smaller parts today.

First, rudder cheeks to stiffen the rudder. Next time I'll attach the tiller at the top.

Rudder cheeks

Second thwart. Not sure which one this is, but it's either thwart #2 or #3.

A thwart

And the other one on the bench. That's all the thwarts glued. I still have to sand them, cut them to shape, and build the rear seat.

Another thwart

I'm still sanding on the bottom of the boat to prep for fiberglass. I had a few low spots in the seam between the bottom panel and panel one, so I added a little thickened epoxy to build them up.

Built up seams

Once I sand these back down, it should make for a smooth seam without sanding away all the wood. I'm trying to do better prep so that fiberglass goes a bit more smoothly this time.

And by popular request, an actual picture of me working on the boat.


Since I haven't bothered to set up comments you don't know if this was a request or not! Ha!