Not much to show this week. Recently I've had a little less time to work than usual so change has gone slow.

This past Thursday I flipped the boat back over and started sanding the bottom in preparation for fiberglassing the bottom. The hull needs to be nice and smooth and since I've already had a bad experience with the fiberglass, I'm going to try and take this turn slow and do a good job.

This was the first time I flipped the boat by myself. Here's how it went.

First I lay a piece of cardboard under the bow, to protect both boat and floor.

cardboard under bow

Next, I removed the sawhorse from under the front of the boat and rested the bow on the cardboard.

bow on floor

Then I went back to the stern, lifted the boat off the sawhorse, and tipped it to port.

begin tipping

After that it took me a couple of tries to roll it over. The key was to make sure I lifted the stern high enough. As I was by myself, I couldn't take pictures as I did this part...


I ended up rolling it off the relatively short piece of cardboard it was on but it wasn't a big deal. After that it was a simple matter of lifting the bow back up on the sawhorse and getting back to work. Now that the stitches are out of the boat, it's not a big deal to move it around as it's so light. Excited (and a little nervous) to see how a boat this light handles on the water...

By the way - I added a picture of the rudder to the previous post.

Until next time.