We spent Thursday finishing gluing up the side panels so that on Super Bowl sunday we can flip the boat back over and go on to the next step. A couple things I learned (that I already knew):

  • It's hard to control the epoxy in the pastry bag
  • It's easier to control the epoxy in the pastry bag when you make it thick enough
  • It's funnier when you're not the one holding the bag (sorry Jim)
  • Epoxy gets pretty hot when it's curing.

Related to that last point, the second bag of epoxy that I mixed was a nice thickness and it went a long way. It started warming up about halfway through and by the time I'd finished the bag it was hot to the touch. I had read that this would happen but it's definitely different to feel it in your hands. Just ask Dane how many times I told him my hands were melting.