This week (all week) has been filled with cleanup and finishing some tasks. Most of the week I've been filling in the laps with glue. Other touch up work includes filing down the bow and cleaning up around the transom with the plane. Frustrated that your kids aren't listening? Just go grind down the front of a boat for a while. It'll make you feel better (please don't grind a boat that you don't own).

Plane and transom

Looking ahead it appears that the next task will be to flip the boat back over and glue on the rails. I suppose that means I better have some rails ready to go.

Like all of the long pieces in the kit, the rails came in three sections. The boat is already turned at an angle in the room so that I can walk around it. The rails are longer than the boat (they will be bent around the sides and they'll have some overhang). The only place there's room to lay them out is... under the boat. I lined them up on the floor under the boat (currently upside down on the sawhorses), mixed epoxy, then crawled under there and got to work.


The rails will be applied in two steps. The first strip will be glued to the outside of the boat and allowed to cure. Then the second strip will be glued on top of the first.

I don't have much faith that I got them glued straight but I did my best to line up the scarf joints. Hopefully when glued onto the boat and sanded they will come out reasonably straight...