Haven't posted much here since I haven't done much work on the boat, and because I've been sick (which is why I haven't done much work on the boat). Caleb got me sick. This is what he looked like sick:

Caleb Sick

That's not how I felt when I had it.

The last post went up about a week late. In that time, I've done a little more clean up work on the fillets inside the boat.

Fillets before

They are looking much better.

Fillets after

I'm hoping to have all of the fillets smooth and ready to go by the time I'm able to get some help to start gluing on the rails.

I've also started on a few of the sailing components. The daggerboard trunk will go inside the boat (oh, and I'm going to have to cut a hole in the bottom of my boat, no big) for the daggerboard to slide through. I'm also building the mast step on the bench. Fortunately the mast stays in the boat, so no hole for that.

Bench stuff

Hopefully progress will pick back up now that I'm feeling better.